Hi Holy Trinity families!


Don’t forget…BOLT VBS is coming to your house on July 13-17.

With minimal preparation, easy-to-follow instructions, and a video that leads you and your kids step-by-step through each of the 3 days, BOLT is designed for you to perform with your family at home. It’s so simple! You can even choose the days that you want to participate. 

As we approach the first day of BOLT VBS, we want to give you some more details to help you and your family have the best possible experience. Ahead of time, go to the BOLT “Family Portal.” In order to access the portal, you’ll need to enter the following password:

LETSBOLT (all caps).


Start by reading the “Parent and Leader Guide” ahead of time. (I’ve also attached the guide to this email for your convenience.) The guide will answer so many of your questions and give you simple step-by-step directions for using BOLT. There are a few materials you’ll want to gather beforehand, but when BOLT begins, the videos will tell you what to do and when to do it. It really is easy!

The “Family Portal” also has all of the videos and documents you’ll need for each day. Be sure to read the games document ahead of time so you can be prepared. Then, on July 13, when you’re ready to begin, simply go to the “Family Portal” and play the Day 1 video. The video will periodically tell you to pause in order to play a game, read from the Bible, or answer a question.

If you feel comfortable gathering with more people, you can invite as many neighbors, friends, and family to your house for BOLT as you would like. It’s such an easy and fun way to share the good news of Jesus with our community. You can also invite them by sharing this email with them. This could be an amazing outreach opportunity! If it's helpful, we've attached a printable invitation for you to use or you can share our social media posts with anyone you want to invite.

Lastly, take lots of pictures! These will be put together into a closing video. Please send your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 7/24. In the meantime, feel free to email me your questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You and your family are going to LOVE THIS!