The Other Six

Scripture Reading for 02/23/20 1 Peter 3:8-18, Matthew 17:1-9


Monday – Read Matthew 22:37-39. How do you show your love for God? We have a lot of ideas about how we show God's love. We praise Him. We thank Him. We Pray. We read the Bible. We proclaim His good works. We often think we have to do something overtly God-oriented. Did you know that one of the biggest ways we love God is by loving our neighbor? That's right when we help our neighbor fix their car or give them a ride or bring them a meal, we are showing love for God as well as love for them. There's a reason 7 of the 10 Commandments are related to how we treat others. So, love loving your neighbor.

Tuesday– Read 1 John 3:18. I love you! I love you soooo much! These are great words to say. The words, however, can't be the only way we show love. We need to show what we say. In fact, words start to lose their meaning if we don't back them up with actions. A child asks their parent to play a game. The parent says, "I'd like to, but not now. Maybe tomorrow." If they do that enough, the child will learn the parent doesn't want to and will stop asking. The action has to match the words. So, our love must be shown not just in words, but in actions as well. Is there someone whom you've told you love them but haven't shown it? How could you show it?

Wednesday – Read 2 Timothy 1:7. Go ahead. What are you afraid of? This passage is often used to motivate people to act when they are afraid to. Speak up! Step forward! Take the plunge! Etc. I find it interesting that it doesn't just say, "God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power." It goes on to say, "of love, and of self-discipline." Power may help us deal with fear to some extent, but love gives us motivation and direction. Self-discipline helps us to act even when we still feel fear. These three work together. Think of it as, "I can do it," "I should do it," and "I will do it." This is not just motivational thinking, God gives us His Spirit for this. Is there some area of your life you need to ask for God's power, love, and self-discipline?

Thursday– Read Numbers 6:24-26. You may recognize this as the common Benediction at the end of worship services. It is the Aaronic blessing given by God to Moses for Aaron the priest to say to Israel. What does it mean, though? To bless is to show respect or give a gift. God is giving us a gift. Keep is more than possess. It means to guard and protect. Have you heard the phrase, "The person was beaming." It refers to a big smile. "Make His face to shine upon you," is for God to smile at us and show His happiness with us. Lifting His countenance again refers to God's face or God looking upon us with favor. Lastly, peace is not just an absence of conflict, but a state of wholeness and well-being. Read Numbers 6:24-26 again.

Friday – Read Exodus 15:6. What is Your favorite song of praise to God? This passage is part of Moses' song after God led His people out of Egypt through the Red Sea. He recounts with great joy what God had done for them. This passage can be ours as well. God's majestic power has freed us and destroyed our enemies, sin, death, and the devil. The enemy has no power over you. Jesus has defeated Him. Praise the Lord!!

Saturday– Read Isaiah 30:18. What do you need to confess, today? Do you ever feel like you need to beg for God's forgiveness and, even then, you're not sure He'll give it? God is a just God who deals harshly with sin, but Isaiah 30 shows us God longs to be gracious to us. He wants to forgive us! He wants to bless us! He rises to show compassion to you. His justness is what sent Jesus to the cross, to pay for our sin. His grace and compassion also sent Jesus to the cross because God wants to forgive us and bless us. So, yes, He does forgive you. Lay your sins at the cross and be free.